The Start of BBB..

Budget Bridal Beauty

Hey Beauties,

Welcome to my  blog – just one of my ‘new adventures’, hope you enjoy.

Well, it all started In January 2016, after the constant battle of being mum Vs employer of the year, I decided to change careers and leave the office life behind. I embarked on a professional make up/hair course in hopes to give me a better work/home life balance.

Setting up your own business is no walk in the park, but definitely rewarding – and hey who doesn’t want to be their own boss. No more sheepishly phoning in and explaining my one year old had caught yet another bug from nursery, apologising for being late because my son decided he wanted to go to nursery naked that day – making a spin class less effort than getting him dressed. No more sitting in the office on Christmas Eve counting down the clock to finally go celebrate with my family. I decided Mon-Friday I would be ‘Mum’ and I would spend my Saturday’s glamming up the girls of Essex.

Although I had glam bookings on Saturday’s, as time went by, I started to get more and more wedding enquiries, I accepted. I soon began to realise I could make the same amount of money taking on a wedding booking, then seeing 7/8 clients on a Saturday night – and I would be finished by midday, result.

The wedding bookings finally approached. My first ever wedding, although nervous couldn’t of gone better. My bride and her bridesmaids were over the moon with the results. I finally found a sense of fulfilment.

From that day forward, all I wanted was brides. I wanted to feel that ‘feeling’ again. I don’t think in my career I have ever had job satisfaction – this was it. This was my ‘calling’.

Fast forward a year and my mind went into overdrive, I wanted to help more – but how? I would get messages from brides asking for a quote and reply saying they simply couldn’t afford it, or see posts on Facebook wedding groups where the bride explains their budget just didn’t stretch to a make up artist at all. My heart would sink. These women would miss out on that feeling, as this isn’t a hobby but my only income I couldn’t offer everyone make up for free. What else could I do?

I then had my light bulb moment – which is when I set up ‘Budget Bridal Beauty’ – a Facebook group designed for Brides who were doing there own wedding hair/make up, through choice or budget. I would fill the group with hints, tips/tricks, product recommendations, how to videos, photos, advice – anything that would help at no cost. I set the group up in December, and although not a massive group – only 450 members so far they’re active. Every post gets answered. I then decided to start my blog to reach those who are not on Facebook. (If you have Facebook and fancy joining the link is at the top of the blog).

So if you’re a bride in need or know someone who is, send them my way for all the help they need.



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