Putting ‘Budget Beauty’ to the test.. Full Face using Primark Cosmetics.

BBB started to help Brides on a budget, so just how budget can we go?

I already had Primark’s cosmetics in my make up bag; various eyelashes and lip liners. On a daily basis, I found myself reaching for them more than my pricey high end brands, the pigments and longevity was impressive.

After deciding to put the rest of the range to the test, I headed off to my local Primark. I managed to purchase everything I need to apply a full face of make up for £27.00! One of my NARS foundation alone costs more.


Full face primark
Products in Photo – Eye Pencil Duo, Stay all Day Primer, Complete Face Palette, Liquid Foundation, Concealer Stick, Primer Water, Beauty Blender, Lashes, Waterproof Mascara, Eyebrow Pencil, Felt Tip Eyeliner and Liquid Matte Lipstick.


The cosmetics I bought above, are not the only range available to buy, there are many different variations of the foundations/concealers/eyeshadow palettes/lipsticks – I just went for the cheapest option, to see just how budget we can go.

I filmed myself using the cosmetics for the first time, so you get to see just how well they apply, without ‘perfecting’ the use of the products – all bloopers included. You can watch the video here –  Full Face using Primark Cosmetics  .

Quick Pros & Cons of each product are below, teamed with a Final Look Photo!… The best bit is THERE IS NO FLASH BACK – So perfect for Bridal Photography. 🙂

  • Eye Pencil Duo  – Pros: 2 pencil pack + FREE sharpener, highly pigmented and long wearing.  Cons: N/A
  • Stay all Day Primer –  Pros: Really rich and creamy texture, Long lasting  Cons: N/A
  • Complete Face Palette Pros: Good value for money, contour shade is a lovely colour, all in one palette perfect for mini breaks! Cons: Pans are not securely fixed to the palette, smells a bit funky, eyeshadow has a lot of fallout (use a shield or tape to help – do eyes first).
  • Liquid FoundationPros: Super bargain, decent coverage and buildable Cons: Smells a bit soapy, lasting powder isn’t fantastic
  • Foundation Stick (used as concealer) –   Pros: Good coverage Cons: Really thick texture, heavy product, has that soapy smell
  • Primer Water – :  Pros: Smells lovely, a lot of product for the price Cons: NONE
  • Beauty Blender –   Pros: Beauty Blenders are one of my Holy Grail Products, they’re always so perfect.
  • Lashes Pros: LOVE LOVE LOVE them Cons: NONE.
  • Waterproof Mascara – Pros: Waterproof, long lasting  Cons: Transfers product to your eyelid (try not to look up), if you apply too many coats it starts to get clumpy
  • Eyebrow Pencil –  Pros: Highly Pigmented Cons: Use a light touch if you do not want a dramatic colour
  • Felt Tip Eyeliner Pros: So pigmented, brilliant value for money Cons: I have been spoilt with the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, so I am used to a silky glide from my pen, this felt more like I was dragging the product along however, prior to using KVD this pen would be perfect.
  • Liquid Matte Lipstick – Pros: Long lasting, easy to apply Cons:  I personally find it drying, but I don’t like a matte look so slightly biased.

The Finished Look


Without Flash


With Flash



Ladies, if you haven’t tried anything from Primark yet, I suggest you get yourself down there – you can’t get much more purse friendlier than this.


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