Cake Cake Cake

I wish this blog was all about cake, the nice kind, that comes in a layered chocolatey concoction, where a slither turns into a slab .. but it’s not.

It’s all about how to avoid that unwanted “cakey” look. Ever look in the mirror and feel your face actually looks worse than before? The spot you tried to cover is now centre of attention? The pores you tried to fill are now looking like big holes? Your dry patches have turned into what now looks like snowing dandruff of your face!



To achieve the flawless look here a 5 TopTips to follow

TopTip One – Do not apply a thick cake concealer, and rub it into the skin. Chances are you are using a concealer to cover a red and raised nasty spot, rubbing the product over could potentially remove the scab and flake off the dry patches.

TopTip Two– You want to avoid layering on unecessary products.

Choose the right foundation for your skin type. Don’t just assume your skin is bad so you go for a heavy, thick full coverage foundation. A lot of lightweight foundations are buildable, to get the right amount of coverage for you.

TopTip Three – If you do need a concealer to top up the coverage, use a nice creamy liquid concealer it will blend much easier.

TopTip Four– One of the biggest mistakes is how to apply your foundation and concealer DO NOT RUB it into your skin. This will create a cleansing/exfoliation action and start lifting the dry skin, and push the product around creating patches. Apply your foundation with a patting or dabbing motion using a foundation brush or beauty blender.

TopTip Five – After you apply the foundation, you might set it with powder. If you have textured skin the best method would be to use a sponge to tap/pat gently and press the product into your skin.

If you have oily skin, it’s easy to pull out the beloved fluffy brush and apply another layer of powder, yes this will help you look more matte. However, applying the powder over the oil patch will only create more texture.

Invest in some blotting paper, (or toilet tissue) and remove the oil don’t cover it up, if needed then apply the powder.


Test out these top tips and let me know how you get on.

Lauren xx



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